Thursday, January 19, 2012


Living in a fantasy checking out your pics,

Infatuated with you as if you are to be elevated n worship.

I’m in love with your fantasy but don’t wanna know your reality

My reality is you‘re perfect and that’s just fine with me

The thought of approaching you is not an option and that’s so important

Don’t wanna disturb the image of you

The stillness of your profile and all the attractive info

Don’t wanna know your flaws,

Don’t wanna know your short comings,

If a picture is worth a thousand words
Then you’ve already told me enough

I rather live in my fantasy where we never argue & never fight where you are still on my altar.

Fantasy & reality blurred, loving you afar while loving you never

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Standing on misery’s shore.

The love boat drifts in loneliness.

Hammock of regrets waits.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sugar in the Raw

Brown sugar brown sugar you’re so sweet!
You are that healthy sugar
You are that natural sugar
You are full of flavor

Aint no sugarcoating it, colored women for the most part:

For anyone who takes the time to know you, they’ll quickly find that beyond your defenses you are:


Trample on by society
Dehumanized by the media
Misunderstood by your own men
But still you remain the sweetest and unbleached
Beautiful as ever and there is no one sweeter than you.